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Star Wars Epics

Hi everyone! I ran into your community while scouring around other SW fansites here in the LJ site. I have always been interested in the SW universe and fan fiction and have collected the books, comics, and other tidbits associated with it. My favorite series out of the EU is probably the Thrawn trilogy, and unlike some who did enjoy it, I didn't care too much for the New Jedi Order series. That being the case, I wonder if the Dark Nest series would be any good. It won't stop me from buying the series, though.

I think the worst books from the EU are "Tatooine Ghost" and "Rogue Planet." Those were boring, long, and left me annoyed at the end for wasting my time reading them. As far as the Prequel books, "Darth Maul: Shadowhunter" and the "Medstar" duology were good and were fast reads. Michael Reeves is a very good author and he wrote Darth Maul most excellent.

Yes, I am a fan of Darth Maul.

As far as artwork, I have picked up "The Art of Episode III" and it is an awesome book. The artwork in there is amazing and I love the matte painting covered throughout its pages. The "Making of" book is also another good book to pick up as far as artwork. Unfortunate that I never got around to picking up the last two "Art of" books when they came out. I don't think they are sold anymore, although I hear there is a book set out there that contains all three books in a sleeve.

Anyway, with my love for anything SW, I couldn't help but to one day finally create my own site and dedicate discussions, fan fiction, and roleplay entirely in that universe. For that, I hope you don't mind me plugging my new website.

Star Wars Epics is a high quality roleplaying and discussion site centered around George Lucas' fantastic galaxy. Our roleplay board is set about 13 years after the Battle of Endor, so it lands us around the time of the Black Fleet Crisis. We're strictly involved in the EU so we base our timeline on it.

Aside from that, we also have discussion forums that cover everything from the books, movies, fan fiction, and art, to new projects like the upcoming TV series.

I hope you can join us and experience high-quality storywriting, fan-fiction, and mingle among other fellow Star Wars EU enthusiasts and fans.

See you there!
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