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'The Dark Side'

'T'error is born
'H'atred unleashed
'E'nd of an Era

'D'arkness prevails
'A'ngel of death
'R'age engulfs
'K'illing the infection

'S'urvival of the fittest
'I'nflicting emotional pain
'D'estroying the weak
'E'vil survives forever.
BLACK METAL by maggot_icons

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The Prophecy

The prophecy foretold of a great warrior.
A warrior of light that will turn to dark
A powerful Jedi that will betray the Order
Part man, part machine who is strong with the Force.

'Clouded this boy's Future is'
Future of this Jedi was never clouded
His path was clear as daylight
He saw through the lies of his so called 'Brothers'

Ace pilot of the Clone Wars
Greatest Jedi amongst his peers
His true power lies elsewhere
His TRUE Power is with the Darkside of the Force.

'You were the Chosen One!'
Betrayed by his closest friend
His revenge against them will be sweet.
My Tatto

Waking Up to the Dark Lord.

Yesterday when my wife and I were doing our grocery shopping at our local Wal-Mart, she pointed out a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader on it.

It was really cool to find, but we couldn't afford it. Anyway on the side of the box, there was an offer for a "SW-E3:ROTS" poster. Kelloggs also has some other cool E3 things. Check it out at I want to get the posters myself.
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"unexpected this is"

does anyone think that the red lightsaber is kinda overused. does anybody else thing there could be other colors to help represent their evil. i think maybe something like silver or some mix between red and purple. also another question... if you had a double bladed lightsaber would you have the same color for both ends or would you have two different ones to confuse your enemies?
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Which is the most damaging Force Power you would like to see enter a lightsaber duel in Episode III ? I have my bet on some Lightning entering the movie at intervals along with some Grip .
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Do you know any of the real names that I'm missing like whats Darth Banes Non-Dark-Lord name?

Sidious to Maggous.
Most Powerful Sith Of All Time...

01. Darth Sidious ... (Palpatine) ... [Insidious]
02. Darth Sion ... ... [Power of the mind over the body]
03. Darth Vader ... (Anakin Skywalker) ... [Father/Invader]
04. Darth Bane ... ... [downfall]
05. Darth Nihilus ... ... [Empty Hunger/Nihilist]
06. Darth Revan ... (You) ... [Raven/Never]
07. Naga Sadow ... ... [Snake Shadow]
08. Darth Plagueis ... ... [Anakins father/Plague]
09. Darth Trayus ... (Kreia) ... [Betrayer/Traitor] *
10. Darth Tyranus ... (Count Dooku) ... [Tyrant]
11. Darth Malak ... (Malachi) ... [Destructive Force]
12. Darth Fobius ... (Nightwind Messenger) ... [Terrifying/Phobia]
13. Darth Minous ... (Omin Baul) ... [Ominous]
14. Darth Scarz ... ... [scars]
15. Darth Imperius ... ... [Imperial/Imperious]
16. Exar Kun ... ... [Exile]
17. Darth Bioul ... (Ishin-Thierius Bio) ... [wretched - Vile/Bile]
18. Darth Ghore ... ... [Brutal Violence/Gore]
19. Darth Maul ... ... [Heavy Cleaver/Maul]
20. Darth Slane ... ... [Resurrected Evil/Slain]
21. Darth Vicrone
22. Darth Xio Jade *
23. Freedom Nad ... ... [Mental Prison]
24. Ludo Kressh
25. Darth Kaan ... ... [Ruler/Khan]
26. Darth Cimex ... (Sethra Azzurous) ... [Blood Sucking Bug/Dark Blue] *
27. Darth Sirius ... (Bii-Nur Nightfall) ... [Binary Star/Serious]
28. Darth Seer ... ... [Soothsayer/Seer - Burning Pain/Sear] *
29. Darth Rage ... ... [Anger/Rage]
30. Darth Maggous ... ...[Feeds on Death/Maggot]

* = Females
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Hey there. I'm new to this group.
I have a question about the lightsabers. It is my understanding that the energy beam is created by a certain crystal within the saber. The crystal creates the beam of light in a random color (either blue or green). Mace Windu's lightsaber is purple but that's because it is an electron lightsaber rather than a crystal one. So what makes the Sith lightsabers red? I mean, if it was one of the random colors along with blue and green, then there should be red lightsabers among the Jedi as well as blue and green lightsabers among the Sith. So what's up with it?
I have a theory. Something about the dark side of the Force affects the crystals in such a way that the color of the light shaft becomes red. But that's just MY theory. And I don't even know if there is an official take on the topic. I'd love to know though cause it has always bothered me.
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